Young Birders Web

We are the next generation

The Young Birders Web was created for young birders globally to connect with each other, hear news from the larger birding world, and learn from the many resources and opportunities to be found in it. 

The Young Birders Web is unique as it is a centralized place to find information on young birders camps, clubs, scholarships and other resources, leaping over the barriers that many young birders face, namely lack of transportation and the very few ways to connect and get to know one another. The three main sections, Young Birders Clubs, Young Birders Camps, and Careers With Birds will act as a jumping-off place from which anyone can find a camp close to home, get involved in local projects, or if birding feels like life’s-work, can find a job working among birds. Lastly, from this website, young birders can access both Facebook and Instagram accounts which will have everything from a Monthly Birding News Cast, to young birder stories and ID quizzes!

We hope young birders around the world will make good use of this one-of-a-kind website, continue to enjoy finding and watching birds and become better protectors and promoters of birds in the world. We are the next generation!

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